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 There are hundreds, maybe thousands of people searching Google every day for exactly what you're selling. Will they find you?

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Hi there,

     I'm Josh Johnson, and I first started working with Google Adwords back in 2003. Within a year, I was hired as a paid search specialist, building and optimizing ad campaigns for dozens of businesses, large and small, across a variety of industries.

     Nine years later, I'm still making pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns for businesses of all sizes, and I'm proud to say that my partner and I represent one of the most experienced campaign management firms in the field.

     And if you give me a call at 240-575-3681 for a free consultation, I'll tell you how we can give your company the serious boost in sales you need, no matter how big your business is now!

Start getting the PPC traffic your business needs to become highly profitable!
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What You Need to Know About Google Adwords:

  • It's the most scalable, targetable, and wide-reaching ad-system in the world - Who do you know that DOESN'T use Google for search?
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  • You only pay Google when Google sends you interested prospects - Unlike newspapers, TV and radio, you're not paying to be shown to thousands of people who AREN'T interested in your services. You only pay for people who are actively searching for what you're selling, and actually click-through to seriously consider your services.
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  • With Adwords, you can reach a larger audience for a smaller investment than with any other form of advertising - Whether you're a small business trying to get noticed, or a multi-national corporation wanting to get the biggest return on your investment, Adwords can be tailored to get you results at almost any budget.

What if you already tried Adwords, and it didn't work out?

     Google has made it so easy for anyone to set up an Adwords account that you don't need to know any advanced internet marketing principles to start... which is why I've heard a lot of horror stories about business owners trying to set it up on their own (or getting Fred from marketing to try it) and losing thousands of dollars that never turned a profit for them.

     I've looked in on hundreds of Adwords campaigns set up by other people, and in each one I've quickly spotted mistakes that left money on the table, wasting some - or all - of the campaign's potential profit.

    The years of internet marketing expertise my partner and I bring to the table WILL be the difference between success and failure in ANY venture where success is possible.

“Josh changed the way I think about marketing. He increased my profit margins by a staggering amount! Hiring Josh was one of the best investments I’ve ever made.”

- Gary Walter, Satellite TV Services

     If you hire me, you'll get an Adwords campaign that's custom-built around your budget and profit margins. We'll carefully target your ads to show only on keywords where people are serious about paying for your product or service, and aren't just looking for a freebie or an altogether different product.

     You'll get ads that are specifically tailored to the audience that sees them, and because we have extensive experience in testing and retesting ad text, you'll have high-quality ads right out of the gate. That's a benefit that comes from hiring a professional copywriter.

There are a lot of Adwords consultants - Why should you hire me?

     Because we deliver top-tier work at a pricing plan that's advantageous to you. Many other consultants insist on being paid a percentage of your ad-buy...

     Ask yourself: Doesn't that encourage the consultants to spend as much money on ads as they possibly can?!

Josh was invaluable in helping me get my business started. He didn't just help me setup a website, he showed me how to advertise using Google. Thanks to Josh, I'm now consistently drawing in and keeping new clients.

- Jerry Faulders, Freelance Math Tutor

     When you hire us, the payment is simple, and transparent: You pay Google directly for the traffic they'll be sending you through Adwords, and you pay my company a reasonable hourly rate of $100 for the surprisingly quick and efficient work we do to arrange that traffic for you.

     $100 an hour may seem steep, but it has a habit of paying for itself quickly; an improperly built Adwords campaign (Bing, too) can be wasting serious money every day - even if it's already profitable! I've been brought in to some major companies that spend over a thousand dollars a day in Adwords, and had for years, and I've cut their costs per sale in half.

     I've also been brought in on smaller companies that could only spend $10 a day, and helped them grow their business and their profits to the point where they could finally expand into new markets.

     An Adwords campaign has to be optimized over time in order to be healthy, which is why we'll continue to tweak your new campaign for a period of weeks after we build it and start it running.

     We'll be editing the bids and negotiating with the system to get you the best possible prices, and we'll be constantly testing and improving the ads.

     In fact, Adwords will become your new marketing research laboratory - you can use it to test copy ideas for your website or any other advertising medium you use. After a few weeks of testing and refining ads, you'll find out exactly what headlines, features, and benefits motivate your prospects to keep on reading, and then buy.

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     Our hourly-rate business model gives you the flexibility to hire us for as much or as little extra assistance as you like.

     Even after the initial tweaking period, most of our clients like to keep us on for a few hours a month to keep their accounts running optimally. Many of them choose to expand their reach into other search engines like Bing and Youtube, as well.

     And even though pay-per-click marketing with Adwords is the one strategy I recommend for everybody, I'm a big-picture internet marketer, not a one trick pony. I stand ready to provide an end-to-end solution by directing your web designer on how to make your website capture more paying customers. Many of my clients ask me to go further by personally rewriting the copy on their sites, and I'm happy to do it. If your site can sell a product, I won't soon run out of ideas on how to make it sell more.

     So, if you don't have a visible presence on the world's biggest search engine, call me. If you have a presence, but it's costing you too much to maintain it, call me about that, too. Call or email me with any question about making your online selling tools work better.

     You have nothing to lose, and you have an endless, steady stream of new customers to gain.

  I look forward to speaking with you,

Josh Johnson

Josh Johnson

P.S. While I am on the East Coast, I try to keep hours that are "West Coast friendly". Calling anytime between 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Eastern Monday-Friday will get you a person. We even answer the phone most weekends, though if you get the machine, just leave your name and number and I'll call you back personally as soon as possible.

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